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Pet + Odor Eradication

Designed to Tame the Toughest Pet Hair Challenges! (6 Months Exterior Protection)

  • 5 hr
  • From 400 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

✨ Bag Interior Trash + Belongings: Carefully removing any trash or debris from your vehicle's interior, ensuring a clean and organized space. ✨ Vacuum Floors and Seats: Thoroughly eliminating dirt, dust, and debris from the floors and seats, leaving them fresh and spotless. ✨ Clean Dashboard, Center Console, and Exposed Plastics: Meticulously cleaning and restoring these areas, removing dust, fingerprints, and grime to bring back their original shine. ✨ Clean Visor, Interior Mirrors, and Lights: Paying attention to detail, ensuring crystal-clear visibility and a clean, polished appearance for the visor, mirrors, and lights. ✨ Clean Interior and Exterior Windows: Leave streak-free views. ✨ Deep Clean Interior (Plastics, Leather, Vents, etc.): Implementing a deep cleaning process to target all interior surfaces, including plastics, leather, vents, and more, eliminating dirt, stains, and odors. ✨ Condition Interior Plastics, Vinyl, and Leather: Revitalizing and protecting interior surfaces, such as plastics, vinyl, and leather, using high-quality products that restore their natural beauty. ✨ Shampoo Interior Floors, Seats, and Trunk: Professionally shampooing to effectively remove stains and dirt from the floors, seats, and trunk area, revitalizing the upholstery. ✨ Stain and Soil Removal: Targeting specific stains and heavily soiled areas. ✨ Light Salt Removal: Safely eliminate salt residue. ✨ Spot Clean Headliner: Freshen and remove stains. ✨ Pet Hair Removal: A specialized service to efficiently remove excessive pet hair, leaving your vehicle pet-hair-free and looking its best. 🚗 High-Quality Wash and Hand Dry: Expert exterior cleaning. 🚗 Remove Bugs and Tar: Effectively eliminating stubborn bugs and sticky tar from the exterior surfaces, restoring the pristine look of your vehicle. 🚗 Deep Clean Rims: Eliminate brake dust and grime. 🚗 Apply Clay Bar Treatment: Utilizing a clay bar treatment to gently remove embedded contaminants from the paint surface, leaving it smooth and ready for further treatment. 🚗 Condition Exterior Plastics and Trim: Restoring and protecting exterior plastics and trim, preventing fading and discoloration caused by UV exposure. 🚗 Apply High-Quality Ceramic Wax: Expertly applying a high-quality ceramic based wax for long-lasting protection and enhanced shine of your vehicle's paintwork. 🚗 Clean Exhaust Tips: Remove carbon buildup.

Cancellation Policy

**Appointment requests for days that are unavailable will receive a follow up message to pick a new day** **Start Time Is Not Exact And Will Fluctuate Dependent On The Day** ***Appointment arrival times are 8/9 am currently for our first appointment, but all other appointments don't have a specific arrival time, allow a 2-3 hour arrival window!*** Please contact us 24 hours prior to your detail if you would like to cancel. If you are more than 35 miles from Franklin NH, there will be a travel expense. If you are too far, we will call you to cancel.

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