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RAG's Dealer Zone

Welcome to RAG's Dealer Zone, where detailing converges with wholesale efficiency. With a decade of detailing expertise, we provide comprehensive services for the interior and exterior of your dealership vehicles. Benefit from our system, designed with the unique needs of dealerships in mind. Make RAG's an essential element of your dealership to enhance the presentation and appeal of your vehicles with our trusted and professional services.

*Become a RAG's VIP Dealership with 10+ Vehicles per month to enjoy 10% off all of our services

Full Detail With Wax

Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Detailing, specially crafted to prepare your vehicles for sale! Tailored to meet the distinct needs of dealership vehicles, our detailing services ensure that your lot receives the precise care required, precisely where it's needed. We offer a thorough version of this package for Retail Vehicles and a streamlined option for Wholesale Vehicles.

Retail Vehicles -- $200 - $260

Wholesale Vehicles -- $140

Interior Detail

Elevate the appeal of your vehicles with our Interior Detailing package, designed for dealership excellence. From a comprehensive vacuum + shampoo of floors and seats to the deep cleaning of interior surfaces, we ensure a spotless, fresh, and inviting interior for every retail vehicle. For wholesale, we offer a condensed yet effective version to maintain a clean and presentable appearance.

Retail Vehicles -- $140 - $180

Wholesale Vehicles -- $120

Exterior Detail

Transform the exterior of your vehicles into showroom-worthy specimens with our Exterior Detailing. Our thorough process includes bug and tar removal, deep rim cleaning, clay bar treatment, and the application of high-quality ceramic wax for a lasting protective shine. For wholesale vehicles, we offer a streamlined version to ensure a clean look that impresses without compromise.

Retail Vehicles -- $100

Wholesale Vehicles -- $50

Delivery Refresh

This exclusive detail is tailored for vehicles that have already undergone detailing but need that final touch before reaching the customer. We focus on enhancing the overall aesthetics, ensuring a pristine appearance for the delivery moment. Elevate the delivery experience and leave a lasting impression with RAG's Dealer Zone Delivery Refresh!

Any Vehicle -- $100


  1. Buffing: $150 Per Vehicle

    • Our professional buffing service is designed to rejuvenate the exterior of your vehicle by removing imperfections, swirl marks, and light scratches. Experience a restored and glossy finish that enhances your car's overall appearance.

  2. Floor/Seat Shampoo: Depends on Expectations

    • Treat your lot's vehicles to a spa day with our comprehensive floor and seat shampoo service. Going beyond surface cleaning, we use top-quality products to lift stains, eliminate odors, and leave interiors looking and smelling fresh.

  3. Wash + Dry: $50 Per Vehicle

    • Enhance the curb appeal of your vehicles with our meticulous wash and dry service. Our skilled technicians use premium products to safely cleanse each vehicle, leaving them spotless and ensuring a pristine shine that lasts.

  4. Headlight Restoration: $60 Per Vehicle

    • Say goodbye to cloudy and dull headlights on your lot's vehicles. Our headlight restoration service not only enhances visibility but also revitalizes the appearance of each vehicle, improving safety and aesthetics.

  5. Engine Compartment: $50 Per Vehicle

    • Give the engines of your vehicles the attention they deserve with our engine compartment detailing. We carefully clean exposed and easy to access areas, providing a nice clean appearance.

  6. Ceramic Coating: Depends on Vehicle

    • Add ceramic coating options to your sales process backed by RAG's Installer Provided 2 Year Warranty. Elevate the protection and shine of your vehicles' exteriors with this advanced treatment, forming a durable shield against environmental contaminants and enhancing the brilliance of each vehicle's finish!

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