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RAG's VIP Subscriptions offer four exclusive membership packages tailored to meet your specific vehicle maintenance needs:

1️⃣ RAG's Standard Membership - Ideal for those seeking monthly maintenance. With the Silver Membership, you'll enjoy a full maintenance detail every month. Our skilled technicians will ensure your vehicle receives a thorough cleaning and detailing, keeping it in great shape throughout the year.

2️⃣ RAG's Deluxe Membership - Perfect for those who prefer a higher frequency of maintenance. As a Gold member, you'll receive a full maintenance detail every other week. This level of service ensures your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance and provides enhanced protection against the elements.

3️⃣ RAG's Royal Membership - The ultimate membership package for those who demand the highest level of care and attention. With the Platinum Membership, you'll receive a full maintenance detail every week. This frequent maintenance schedule guarantees that your vehicle will always look its best, turning heads wherever you go.

4️⃣ RAG's Exterior Membership - For those seeking only Exterior Protection, the Exterior Membership offers premium protection for the exterior of your vehicle. Enjoy consistent care for your vehicle without overwhelming your schedule.


Not only will you receive our comprehensive regular detailing services, but as a valued RAG's VIP Member, you'll also gain access to an array of exclusive perks. Enjoy the advantage of Exclusive Sales and Regular Discounts spanning across our entire range of services. Additionally, our VIP Members benefit from priority emergency detailing, ensuring rapid response at the cost of travel if unexpected incidents arise, effectively serving as a safeguard for your vehicle's pristine condition. It's like having a personalized detailing insurance policy that guarantees your asset stays in optimal shape at all times.

✨ Every Appointment:

  • Thorough hand wash and dry to remove dirt and grime, leaving your vehicle sparkling clean

  • Meticulous cleaning of rims and tires for a polished and pristine look

  • Comprehensive interior vacuuming to remove dust, debris, and pet hair, ensuring a fresh and clean interior

  • Professional cleaning of windows inside and out, providing a crystal-clear view

  • Detailing of interior plastics and vinyl to restore their original shine and eliminate dust and fingerprints

  • Thorough wiping of door jambs, leaving no area untouched for a complete clean


Included When Needed:

  • Expert application of interior and exterior dressing for vinyl, leather, and plastics, rejuvenating their appearance and protecting against fading

  • Deep shampooing of interior floors, seats, and floor mats to remove stains and refresh the upholstery

  • Spot stain removal for targeted treatment of stubborn stains, ensuring a spotless interior

  • Gentle cleaning of the headliner to remove any spots or marks, restoring its pristine condition

  • Effective removal of bugs and tar from the exterior surfaces, preserving the paintwork's integrity

  • Careful clay bar treatment to remove embedded contaminants, leaving the paint surface smooth and flawless

  • Professional application of ceramic wax for long-lasting protection, enhanced gloss, and water beading effect

With RAG's VIP Subscriptions, your vehicle will receive regular, comprehensive care to maintain its pristine condition. Sign up today and enjoy the convenience and benefits of our membership program!

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