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Motorcyle Detail With Ceramic Coating

The Ultimate Protection + Shine

  • 600 US dollars

Service Description

Our Motorcycle Detail Package is tailored to offer comprehensive care and protection for your cherished bike. With a keen understanding of the significance of maintaining your motorcycle's pristine condition, our detailers are dedicated to achieving outstanding outcomes. Here's an overview of the exceptional service we provide: Deep Cleaning: Our detailers perform a thorough and meticulous deep clean of your motorcycle, leaving no spot untouched. This comprehensive cleaning enhances overall appearance and preserves performance and longevity. Chrome Polishing: We meticulously clean and polish all chrome accents, including exhaust pipes and handlebars, to remove oxidation and restore shine. The added layer of protection helps prevent future tarnishing, ensuring your bike's chrome gleams and captivates. Graphene Ceramic Coating Application: Our application of Technicians Choice's Graphene Ceramic Coating forms an ultra-durable protective layer on your motorcycle's Exterior. This advanced coating offers unparalleled protection against UV rays, oxidation, and environmental contaminants, ensuring long-lasting defense while enhancing shine and depth. Detailing your motorcycle is essential for several reasons: a. Protection: Regular detailing shields your bike's paintwork from UV rays, road debris, and harsh weather, preserving its integrity with the Graphene Ceramic Coating's advanced shielding properties. b. Aesthetics: Detailing enhances your motorcycle's appearance, ensuring it stands out. Chrome polishing restores metal accents' luster, elevating visual appeal. c. Longevity: By keeping your motorcycle clean and protected, detailing extends its lifespan, preventing rust, corrosion, and fading. At RAG's Mobile Detailing, we're committed to surpassing expectations with meticulous detailing services. Our team, passionate about motorcycles, comprehends each bike's unique requirements. Trust us for superior care, ensuring your motorcycle looks its best and performs optimally.

Cancellation Policy

**Appointment requests for days that are unavailable will receive a follow up message to pick a new day** **Start Time Is Not Exact And Will Fluctuate Dependent On The Day** ***Appointment arrival times are 8/9 am currently for our first appointment, but all other appointments don't have a specific arrival time, allow a 2-3 hour arrival window!*** Please contact us 24 hours prior to your detail if you would like to cancel. If you are more than 35 miles from Franklin NH, there will be a travel expense. If you are too far, we will call you to cancel.

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