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Become a RAG's VIP Member Today!

**Full Detail Purchase Required for Eligibility**
Experience unparalleled convenience, quality, and savings with our tailored VIP subscriptions. Our VIP service provides regular detailing sessions at a frequency that suits your needs, ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition all year round. As a VIP member, you also enjoy exclusive discounts on all additional services and random special offers available only to VIP members.

VIP Service Features:

  • Regular Detailing Sessions: Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal detailing frequencies.

  • Comprehensive Care: Each detailing session includes thorough interior and exterior cleaning and any needed protection treatments.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy special discounts on all services between your regular appointments.

  • Premium Products: We use high-quality, eco-friendly products to ensure superior protection and lasting results.

RAG's Seasonal VIP - $600/Year

  • Frequency: Twice a year detailing.

  • Services: Deep cleaning and protection for seasonal changes.

RAG's Weekly VIP - $60/Week

  • Frequency: Weekly full detailing sessions.

  • Services: Exterior wash, interior vacuum, dashboard wipe-down, window cleaning, tire shine, and wax application.

RAG's Bi-Weekly VIP - $80/Bi-Weekly

  • Frequency: Full detailing every two weeks.

  • Services: Comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning, including seat shampooing and paint protection.​

RAG's Monthly VIP - $140/month

  • Frequency: Monthly full detailing sessions.

  • Services: Complete interior and exterior care with waxing and leather conditioning.


RAG's Weekly Exterior VIP - $40/Week

  • Frequency: Weekly exterior detailing.

  • Services: Exterior wash, Bug + Tar Removal, Clay Bar and wax application as needed.

RAG's Monthly Exterior VIP - $80/Month

  • Frequency: Monthly exterior detailing.

  • Services: Comprehensive exterior care with waxing and polishing.

Join RAG's VIP Membership today and give your vehicle the exceptional care it deserves. Enjoy regular detailing, exclusive discounts, and premium service.

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