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Essential Exterior Wash

Exterior Wash + Dry - Better Alternative to a Car Wash

  • From 80 US dollars

Service Description

Our Essential Clean-Up Packages are designed for those who need a straightforward, no-fuss cleaning for their vehicle. Perfect for maintaining a tidy and presentable appearance, these packages focus on general aspect of cleaning up your vehicle **Who It's NOT For: *The Essential Clean-Up Packages are not suitable for those seeking a thorough, deep-clean detailing experience. This package may not meet the needs of: -Owners of Heavily Soiled Vehicles: If your vehicle has significant dirt buildup, stains, or requires intensive cleaning, our Deluxe Details or Royal Full Detail packages would be more appropriate. -Detailing Enthusiasts: Those who desire meticulous attention to every nook and cranny, including advanced treatments like ceramic coating, interior shampooing, or paint correction. -Vehicles Needing Restoration: If your vehicle needs restorative work due to neglect or extensive use, a more comprehensive detailing service will be necessary to achieve desired results. -Luxury and Show Car Owners: If you have a high-end, luxury, or show vehicle that demands the highest level of care and precision, our premium detailing packages are designed to cater to those specific needs. -The Essential Clean-Up Packages are perfect for regular upkeep and maintaining a clean, presentable vehicle. For a deeper, more detailed clean, explore our other detailing options that offer advanced care and attention. Package Details: Exterior Wash: A thorough wash + dry to remove dirt, grime, and road debris, leaving your vehicle with a clean, refreshed look. Why Choose Essential Clean-Up? **Quick and Efficient: Ideal for those who need a basic clean without the time commitment of a full detail. **Maintain Appearance: Keeps your vehicle looking presentable between more extensive detailing sessions. **Affordable Care: A budget-friendly option to ensure your vehicle remains clean and comfortable. **The Essential Clean-Up Packages are perfect for routine maintenance and ensuring your vehicle always looks its best with minimal effort. Book your appointment today and give your vehicle the essential care it deserves!

Cancellation Policy

**Appointment requests for days that are unavailable will receive a follow up message to pick a new day** **Start Time Is Not Exact And Will Fluctuate Dependent On The Day** ***Appointment arrival times are 7/8 am currently for our first appointment, but all other appointments don't have a specific arrival time, allow a 2-3 hour arrival window!*** Please contact us 24 hours prior to your detail if you would like to cancel. If you are more than 35 miles from Franklin NH, there will be a travel expense. If you are too far, we will call you to cancel.

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